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Hi, I'm Ida.

You're probably here because you're considering hiring a Virtual Assistant, or simply wondering how a Virtual Assistant can help you make your life easierIn other words, you're probably here because you need time.

I'm here to help.

What Can I Do For You?


Administrative Services

  • Data entry 

  • Data organization

  • Email management

  • Customer support

  • Creating presentations

Design Services

  • Lite Graphic design

  • Lite Web design 

  • Formatting newsletters, ebooks, blog posts

  • Creating/designing landing pages 

Editing Services

  • Lite Video editing

Social Media Services

  • Setting up social media accounts

  • Content creation

  • Social media engagement

  • Online community moderating 

Writing Services

  • Audio transcription 

  • Writing audio notes/summary

  • Manuals/Guidebooks (organizing and presenting existing content)

  • Content repurposing

Other Services

  • Monitoring client and product reviews

  • Translation (English-Portuguese)


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10 Hours/Month




20 Hours/Month




Suitable for Your Needs

- particular task or project -


Please note:

  • If you need extra hours, or if you prefer to pay as you go (hour by hour), my hourly rate is 25€

  • Unused hours are not carried over to the next month (or 22 working days) and discounts are not applied

  • 50% payment will be required in advance. The final payment is made at the end of the month (or 22 working days). In case of a Custom Plan, the final payment is made at the end of the project.


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